“Weezie’s Angel Healthcare Hero Award” and “J. Pat O’Connell Technology and Innovation Award”

“I believe Sāfen tags will reduce the incidence of medical errors.”
PK Carlton, Jr
Lt Gen (Ret) USAF, MD, FACS
"It’s a simple concept to solve a big problem. If it can be integrated into the standard of care and universally used, that would make a big difference."
Christine Andry, BSN, RN
"These IV lines will usher in a new standard for preventing harm. Products like this put the ‘care’ back in healthcare."
Jane Appleby, M.D., MBA
“These IV tags will make patient care safer, especially in the operating room and the oncology suite. They will benefit both the patients and their caregivers.”
John R. Bookwalter M.D., FACS (ret.)
Inventor of the Bookwalter Retractor
"The NōGo® Port Cover provides a "hard stop" cue so a provider knows not to use the port or the line.​"
Lieutenant Colonel (ret.) Randall Schaefer, DNP, RN, ACNS-BC

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