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Simple, Intuitive Tags Help Improve Situational Awareness Of Patient’s IV Medications.

Our Why

The Vision

Be the industry standard for labeling and identifying infusion therapy tubing.

The Mission

Eliminate line identification errors.

What is infusing through your patient’s intravenous (IV) lines?

Is current IV line-labeling the best practice?

Medication Errors

$21 billion annual cost in United States1

Despite investment in high tech solutions these rates remain unchanged for the past 20 years

1. Keers RN, Williams SD, Cooke J, Ashcroft DM. Prevalence and Nature of Medication Administration Errors in Health Care Settings: A Systematic Review of Direct Observational Evidence. Annals of Pharmacotherapy 2013;47(2):237-256.
2. Summa-Sorgini, Claudia, et al. “Errors associated with IV infusions in critical care.” The Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy. 65.1 (2012): 19.

The Problem

Our Solution


“I believe Sāfen® tags will reduce the incidence of medical errors.”

– PK Carlton, Jr, Lt Gen (Ret) USAF, MD, FACS


“Weezie’s Angel Healthcare Hero Award” and “J. Pat O’Connell Technology and Innovation Award”

The Sāfen Team

Elizabeth Friedman, RD

Elizabeth Friedman, RD

Founder and CEO

Randall Schaefer, DNP, RN

Randall Schaefer, DNP, RN

Chief of Clinical Operations

Renae Franz (Moomjian)

Renae Franz (Moomjian)

Chief Commercialization Officer

David Friedman, MD, PhD

David Friedman, MD, PhD

Medical Advisor and Inventor

Sāfen Advisory Council

Maj(Ret.) Paul Barach, B.Med.Sci, MD, MPH, AUA

Susan M. Cooley PhD, RN, CPNP

Grace Fisher Renbarger, JD

Lt. Gen(Ret.) Paul K. Carlton, Jr. MD, USAF, MC​

Frank J. Overdyk, MSEE, MD

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