Sāfen Leadership

Picture of Elizabeth Friedman, RD

Elizabeth Friedman, RD

Founder and CEO

Picture of Randall Schaefer, DNP, RN

Randall Schaefer, DNP, RN

Chief of Clinical Operations

Picture of Renae Franz (Moomjian)

Renae Franz (Moomjian)

Chief Commercialization Officer

Sāfen Advisory Council

Lt. Gen(Ret.) Paul K. Carlton, Jr. MD, USAF, MC​

Susan M. Cooley PhD, RN, CPNP

Frank J. Overdyk, MSEE, MD

Grace Fisher Renbarger, JD


Sāfen has a contract for US hospital sales with Alliance Medical. They are a national specialty distributor comprised of 7 regional distributors that cover all 50 US states.

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